Creating 360 fly-throughs of your 3D models used to be time consuming and expensive. But that was before. With Kubity we make it easy to create a cinematic tour by auto-importing scenes from your original SketchUp model.  Let’s take a look at how we do it:

  1. Select Window > Scenes to open the Scenes manager
  2. Click the Add Scene icon (add scene icon).
  3. The scene appears in the Scenes manager with the default name “Scene 1”. To rename the scene, click the Show Details icon (su show details icon) in the upper right of the Scenes manager then rename the scene and add a description.

Making a Scene
Before creating a scene, set your view and hide any geometry or layers that you do not want to be displayed in the scene. Then, follow these 3 easy steps:

Changing the Order of Scenes
SketchUp adds scenes based on the order in which they were created. If you wish to change the order, select the Scenes manager and select the scene from the list, then click the Move Scene Down icon (⤵️) or the Move Scene Up icon (⤴️) in the upper right.

Deleting a Scene
If you decide you no longer want a particular scene, you can delete it by selecting the scene in the Scenes manager and clicking the Remove Scene icon(⛔️) in the upper left.

Customize Animations
To customize the animation, select View > Animation > Settings or select Window > Model Info and select the Animation option in the sidebar. Either way, you see the following settings in the Model Info window:

Scene Transitions: The Enable Scene Transitions checkbox is selected by default, and when selected, SketchUp animates a smooth transition from one scene to the next. Below the checkbox, enter a number in the Seconds box to set the length of each transition.

Scene Delay: Type a number in the Seconds box to set how long a scene appears before SketchUp begins to transition to the next scene.

Viewing Your Cinematic Tour in Kubity

  1. Export your model with Kubity
  2. Wait for the export and automatic sync to Kubity Go on your phone or tablet.
  3. Open Kubity Go, click the Cinematic Tour icon () to view the tour 
  4. You can also send yourself a web link to view on your web browser


  1. Open the model on your mobile and click the Cinematic Tour icon (),  then click the VR icon ()
  2. Place your mobile in a Cardboard VR viewer, and enjoy the ride!

To learn even more about setting up scenes in SketchUp, check out their post in the SketchUp Help Center.