With just Google Cardboard and the smartphone in your pocket, you can experience your SketchUp and Revit models in 1:1 virtual reality. What’s a Cardboard? It’s an affordable, accessible VR solution that goes anywhere you do!


To get started using Kubity with your Google Cardboard, first let’s find out which version you have: does your Cardboard have a universal input button in the upper right?

Yes! I have a button! 🙂

Great! You can get started experiencing your models in VR right away! Simply open the model on your mobile and tap the VR icon. Then just place your phone in the Google Cardboard and you’re good to go!

No. I don’t have a button. 😕

Does your Cardboard have a magnetic ring on the side instead? If so, you’re going to need a new Cardboard. Bummer. 

You have the Google Cardboard v1.0, and Google no longer has a Software Development Kit for this model, so we can’t make the Kubity Go app compatible. The good news is, Google Cardboards are cheap and easy to buy – you can get a new one here! Easy peasy.

Other Cardboard Compatible Devices

We also love to use the Merge VR. It’s very comfortable and lightweight, only costs about $50, and has a 96° FOV (for reference the Oculus has 110° FOV).

The Homido Mini is another great option. It folds up and clips straight onto your mobile device. It’s an ingenious solution that makes on-the-go VR even more accessible.