We’ve had a number of requests from you guys, asking for some simple and accessible virtual reality (VR) glasses recommendations to use with Kubity. And so, here they are! Championing affordability, portability, and comfort, these two VR glasses can help you instantly visualize your SketchUp and Revit models:

Homido mini

The King of Convenience, the Lord of Lightweight, this palm-sized pair folds up easily and fits neatly in your pocket. When you need it, simply open it out and place your smartphone into the rubber-lined crocodile clip, behind the eyeglasses. A steal at $10.

Homido describes the mini as the ideal pocket size VR glasses choice for experiencing virtual reality easily, at any time. Affordable, convenient, customizable, and it particularly suitable for events and demonstrations.

This is a great alternative to larger VR gear options, especially for those of you who are always on-the-go.


A few more reasons we like it:

  1. It adapts to the thickness of the average iPhone or Android smartphones – 4-6 inches.
  2. Screen-touching galore! You can interact with the screen with your fingers to move around.
  3. Durable indeed, a drop won’t be earth-shattering.
  4. There’s no fashion cost – goodbye head-hugging straps!
  5. You can keep your glasses on.


Reincarnated from a retro image viewer for kids, it was an ingenious move for Mattel to relaunch this as a VR accessory for both adults and kids. Hugely affordable for a fun, immersive experience, the Viewmaster is another instant VR gem. You open up the set and pop your phone into the holder for full immersion. Another bargain at $40.


A few reasons we like it:

  1. Users have 360° degree viewer freedom with a clear image of their model.
  2. Wider lenses make for clearer viewing.
  3. It’s sturdy plastic, making it portable and easily storable.
  4. No need to assemble it- there’s an easy-open latch and a holder for your smartphone.
  5. Most smartphones are compatible.
  6. Simple to use – you press one trigger to guide you around.

From time to time we update this post to reflect the latest favorite VR glasses we think you’ll love too.