Madrid-based design-build agency, Mapout, is on a mission to create energy efficient houses with a soul. Their innovative designs use alternative materials and layouts that decrease energy consumption without costing clients more than the construction of a traditional home.

Their latest project, Casa2020, is an almost zero-energy consumption house using effective building envelopes, renewable energy sources, and passive solar design to maximize energy efficiency.

As a leader in eco-friendly construction and design, they’re also using new technologies to communicate that vision to clients.

Mapout designer Artiz González includes his clients early on using the Kubity Go app for iOS and Android. Enabling clients to understand designs from the get-go allows them to feel confident in the project and be more involved in the total process.

We use Kubity extensively in all our projects. We design and build our projects so it has two cross benefits—we can check things ourselves to improve the projects and its construction, and even more importantly, Kubity has been a great addition for the clients to understand our proposals.

Artiz González, Designer, Mapout

Future Living: Casa2020

Mapout’s Casa2020 is a regular grid-tied home that is so well insulated and energy efficient that it produces as much renewable energy as it consumes— this leaves the lucky occupants with a net-zero energy bill at the end of the year.

Like with any new project, Mapout started by modeling Casa2020 in SketchUp. Deep-diving into the project with immersive and mobile VR using Kubity has brought the experience to a new level. “It puts you and the clients closer to the feeling of the space more than any other 2D experiences,” says González, “Kubity is a total game changer”.

Casa2020 modeled in SketchUp

González and his team at Mapout make exploring in VR easy for clients, by offering VR glasses and installing Kubity Go in their phones so they can continue exploring the model on their own time.

For clients, exploring their new space in virtual reality moves along design decisions much faster than looking at 2D prints, explains González:

“We were working on a remodel project and the mother of the client was in the meeting on site. Once she put the VR glasses on, she started pointing at things around her, moving the arms with the glasses, asking questions and making nice comments,” he recalls, “All the clients were walking around using the glasses on and off to compare how the space was going to change”.

Time-lapse of Casa2020 construction

Kubity has now been integrated into the Mapout workflow and follows their eco-concious ethos by reducing paper waste and keeping communication lines open throughout the process.

“We’ve been using Kubity since we discovered it. And have used it in all our projects ever since. We share the QR codes online so the people who follow us can see the projects. And once we end the project, we share 360º views so we close the circle and can see the 3D project and the final product”.

MAPOUT is a design-build agency focused in energy efficiency, based in Madrid.

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