According to Aritz González, from Madrid-based design-build agency, Mapout @ayudaeficiencia – enabling clients to understand the project from the get-go, allows them to feel much more confident in the project and truly makes them feel part of the process. Read why González believes Kubity is a ‘game changer’…

We use Kubity extensively in all our projects. We design and build our projects so it has two cross benefits – we can check things ourselves to improve the projects and its construction, and even more importantly, Kubity has been a great addition for the clients to understand our proposals.

How did Kubity enhance your project?

We always model our projects in SketchUp but being able to use VR and Kubity brings that work to another level. It puts you and the clients closer to the feeling of the space more than any other 2D experiences.

What does your team say about Kubity?

This is a game changer.


This was especially interesting as the clients were able to see what the views from the windows were going to be.

Aritz González, Mapout

How have you used Kubity with your clients?

We were working on a remodel project and the mother of the client was in the meeting on site. Once she put the VR glasses on, she started pointing at things around her, moving the arms with the glasses, asking questions and making nice comments. 

All the clients were walking around using the glasses on and off to compare how the space was going to change. (Make sure you check the orientation of the models of course for the light but even more important it will match reality in a remodel).

Have you used Kubity in other projects or are you planning to?

We’ve been using it since we discovered it. And we are using it in all our projects since then. Also we’ve been sharing the QR codes online so the people who follow us can see the projects also this way. Once we end the projects we also share 360 Views so we close the circle and we can see the 3D project and the final product. Like from SketchUp to reality in a VR way.

How do you believe Kubity adds value to a project?

The most important thing for us is that the clients are able to understand what we are proposing since the early stages of the project – it gives them a lot of confidence in our work and they feel part of the process. Once we make the presentation we give the clients a set of VR glasses and install Kubity Go in their phones so they can continue exploring the model.

Any other comments?

Thank you Kubity team!

MAPOUT is a design-build agency focused in high efficiency, based in Madrid.

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