Our developers have been hard at work to make this latest update our best ever. We’ve got new looks, new functions, and improved the overall crystallization output. We’re also working to refine the entire suite of apps to create a more consistent experience across devices. Check out what’s new under the hood and where to find it:

Geo-Localized Time of the Day

Our latest update brings real-time geolocation for the lighting and shadowing of your 3D model based on the orientation of your design. Just play with the ‘Time of the Day’ slider to adjust the lighting and shadows for the exact look and feel you want.

This is great for softening the overall lighting in your scene if it’s too bright, for example.

Clay Rendering

We’ve added a new feature called “clay” to emphasize details of your model and remove visual distractions by rendering the entire model in monochromatic grey matte.

This is a useful tool to check geometry and lighting without color distractions. We’ve also added this option inside Kubity Go on your smartphone, for clay rendering on-the-go.

Improved Crystallization Output

We’ve sharpened up our crystallization process to give you more realistic presentation inside Kubity, and added “ambient occlusion”— subtle variations in lighting that help your eyes detect surface details that would otherwise run together, or washout.

Better Battery Life

Rendering improvements mean we cut way down on battery drain. Now you can walk, jump, explore and present your 3D models without worrying where to find your phone charger.

Kubity Go: New Look

We gave Kubity Go a minimalist makeover and an easier to use interface. Upon launching you will now automatically open with the QR code scanner that’s ready to add models to your library


To access your model library simply click on the ‘All Models’ button to choose the 3D model you’re looking for or click ‘Previous Model’ to reopen the last viewed model.

You’ll notice a new clean feel and a simple menu on the upper right corner that opens up into your favorite features: share, AR, VR, and screen mirroring.  

You’ll also notice an improved Time of the Day touch slider that’s geolocalized based on the orientation of your 3D design. Just touch and adjust the sun orientation to suit your view best.

We also incorporated the “clay” rendering feature on Kubity Go to view your designs without all the noise and distractions that come with color.  


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