Augmented reality with Kubity is a transformational technology that turns your digital design ideas into real-world experiences with a one-click augmented reality for SketchUp and Revit. And it’s changing the way we communicate, create and experience 3D content.

Turn Everyday Into Incredible

AR is incredibly useful for solving everyday design problems. Create a display booth in SketchUp, open in Kubity Go, then see how it looks and fits onsite right from your smartphone. Or export a project from Revit to discover possible construction clashes and eliminate undiscovered design flaws before they happen.

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Work Smarter
On-the-go solutions for visualizing 3D models in real life has never been easier. With Kubity, AEC professionals are using augmented reality in a variety of ways, like visualizing architecture onsite or allowing clients to imagine how products will look, feel, and fit in their space. All in the click of a button.

And when AR solutions are as simple and cost-effective as they are with Kubity,  every architect, engineer, contractor, and designer can use AR to bring their projects to life.

With augmented reality, you can do things you could never imagine before. And discover all new ways of doing everyday tasks in your workflow. Your workday just got a lot easier.

How It Works
Developed using ARKit and ARCore technology for iOS and Android devices, Kubity uses the latest technology to make augmented reality, well… a reality!

Real-time motion tracking is key to maintaining the magic of AR, so Kubity Go accurately anticipates the position of a digital object in relation to itself as if it exists in the real-world environment. By scanning horizontal planes, you can place your model wherever you want — making it a perfect tool for scale model tabletop presentations. Or pop the model up to 1:1 scale to get a real feel for the space you can walk in. We’ve designed AR for Kubity Go to accurately measure the distance between the motion sensors and cameras in your device — as well as your device’s place in the world around you.
Imagine heading to the job site with your client and being able to show them exactly how your design will look in a real-world space with just the tap of your finger.

This solves a problem all architects encounter getting a project from the screen to a physical space. As we continue to develop this technology, we envision a world where AR revolutionizes construction and the design process;  where it’s intuitive and easy to adapt to workflows.

For more information about AR for Kubity Go, check out our help page.