The wait is over—Oculus Go support for Kubity has arrived!

Experience cable and PC-free immersive virtual reality with crystal clear optics and optimized 3D graphics.

Oculus Go is the first standalone VR headset that works without a cord, PC, or smartphone. This is VR for everyone, not just gamers and casual VR consumers, but AEC (architects, engineers, construction) professionals and firms who may not have the time, budget or energy to waste setting up a PC to power a higher-end headset.

Wireless, hassle-free VR

Oculus Go is almost as powerful as it’s big brother Oculus Rift. But unlike the Rift, this all-in-one VR headset packs a PC-free punch that’s ready to go when you are—and at an affordable price.

Going wireless also eliminates that long and sometimes awkward wait in front of clients, setting up cables or adjusting a smartphone inside Gear VR or Cardboard viewers.

Going mobile makes it easier for architects and other AEC professionals to feel confident with VR technology and not worry about hardware slip-ups that can make VR presentations tricky.

Oculus Go Meets Kubity


Speed matters , so when Oculus Go and  Kubity get together, you have the ultimate power duo that’s bound to wow clients at every phase of a project.

The sensation of being inside a model makes VR an incredibly powerful tool for communicating design intent. Clients, in particular, often don’t have the ability to understand spatial relationships and scale simply by looking at a blueprint or 3D model. Virtual reality can evoke a visceral response in exactly the same way that physical architecture can.

Kubity VR+

Exploring SketchUp models and Revit projects on Oculus Go is simple. After exporting your 3D with Kubity, your model is automatically VR-ready. We’ve created a special version of Kubity accessible through the Oculus Store called “Kubity VR+”.

To learn more about how to get started, check out our help desk for all the ways you can use VR with Kubity or put on your Oculus Go and search for Kubity VR+ in the Oculus Store directly from your headset.

Note: Before getting started, be sure you have have set up an account with Kubity and exported your models.