Zachary Engineering is a civil and structural engineering firm for residential and commercial structural design in Lake Tahoe, as well as along the West Coast and Hawaiian islands.

Known for their reputable team, client portfolio, and use of 3D technologies, the firm is no stranger to CAD software. Recently, they were looking for something with sharing and 3D visualization capabilities—like AR, VR, and virtual walkthroughs—that could be used on smartphones and tablets to streamline their workflow. That’s when they discovered Kubity.

We chose Kubity because of its easy access to our structural SketchUp model in the field. Our clients love it too. It’s easy to view and share.

Jesse Brown, Project Engineer, Zachary Engineering

Zachary Engineering is using Kubity to share structural SketchUp models with project stakeholders quickly and easily via smartphones, web links, and QR codes. “We chose Kubity because of its easy access to our structural SketchUp model in the field. Our clients love it too”, says Jesse Brown, project engineer at Zachary.

They’ve started embedding QR codes on their plan coversheets as well, which are then submitted to the county and to contractors on job sites. This helps provide easy clarification of the structure plans.

The team also encourages its clients to download the Kubity Go mobile app. Clients can already view walkthroughs in a web browser, but the app comes in handy to see the project in 1:1 scale augmented reality in the field or in immersive VR while away from the desk, as well as offering on-the-go access to models.

They recently landed a private multimillion-dollar residential buildout using Kubity as a part of their project workflow. Check out that project here!

For Zachary Engineering, the simplicity of being able to pull out a smartphone to view and review a project is a time-saving and convenient solution. “Kubity helps alleviate communication challenges and phone calls from job sites thanks to project sharing,” sums up Brown.

If you would like to learn more about Zachary Engineering services, you can visit their website at:

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